I Don’t Do Christmas…

December 30, 2013

To all my family and friends, I wish you the Christmas dreams and wishes you envision. I am not against saying ‘Merry Christmas’. Enjoy this season as you wish…………

I don’t ‘do’ Christmas. This means I don’t buy gifts. I don’t send cards. Now why don’t I?

It’s become all too much to me. I see people panic, fight, push, shove, grab and even die for the sake of a low priced item. Commercialism at its utmost worse. I want no part of this side of humanity. That is speaking absolutely for myself, just for me and me alone. I hold nothing against anyone who does this every year. It can be a joyful and happy thing, especially for children.

The awe and wonder… the magic and beauty. If I had small ones, I wouldn’t want them to miss out on Christmas. It is what half the world does. Going back to school, there will be chatter among the little ones about who got what. This is also a terrible part of the have and have-nots… some will brag about expensive gifts. Some will have to lie about what they got to fit in. So sad.

It pains me to know many go into huge debt this time of year. I am working myself out of debt the hard way so I don’t repeat it again. Sure, this is the way a society has an economy, I get that part. But I am also aware of our gluttony nature. I am guilty of attacks of this myself. I love technology. Gadgets! Love anything with a battery. I’m far from perfect. Not having access to credit cards, (part of my debt management) I have learned to save and be patient.

I have also gotten to an age where I don’t want much more ‘stuff’. It would just be a hassle for whoever is left to deal with when I depart. One plastic tub is my goal. Now, I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon! But we all pass on…… but I’ll be back.

Buddhism says we have 10,000 lives. I don’t know how many I have done. Some of us reach Nirvana and do not return. Not to sound like I’m preaching, but embracing Buddhism is another reason I don’t observe Christmas. Don’t want to be a hypocrite.